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An integrated, fully automated organic waste
transport system. (built on our NOW Digester/
NOW Composter)

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Auto-Disposal revolutionizes organic waste transportation with full automation. It's an application built atop our Digester/Composter technology. Our system can be either using in-sink grinders installed in individual locations or centralized stations, moving waste through pipes using gravity. NOW Auto-Disposal ensures seamless operation, minimizing the effort needed for waste transport within the premises.
Integrated with Digester/Composter

Designed as an extension of our NOW-Digester or NOW-Composter technology,Auto-Disposal complements our waste management ecosystem.

Enhanced Hygiene Standards

Auto-Disposal ensures that waste is transported in a controlled and hygienic manner, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Using the existing Pipe System

No extensive modifications or additional infrastructure are required.

Customizable Solutions

Adapt to different settings, whether it's a single location or a network of waste collection points.


There are2 options

In-Sink Grinder

An in-sink grinder is a kitchen appliance that is installed beneath the sink and connected to the pipe. It grinds up food scraps into smaller particles, which are then flow down the pipe with water.

Suitable for

Residences Condominiums Apartments

In-Feed station

In-Feed station is designed to dispose of incidental organic waste. The In-Feed station disposal system fulfills the sustainability goals with regard to waste management in industrial kitvhen.


hotels staff canteens hospitals retirement homes care facilities

Unveiling the Benefits

  • Cutting haulage, reducing CO2.
  • Prolong landfill lifespan.
  • Cleaner bin center.
  • Reduction of Vermin
  • Better Environment.
  • Entitled for BCG Economy Project
  • Output can be recycle
  • Reduction in waste disposal fee.
  • Reduction in use of trash bags.
  • Low operational cost.
  • Fully automated system.
  • Food waste is no longer stored on site.
  • Increase organization’s savings
  • Emphasis on ”Green Efforts” by GOV.
  • Tap on the environmental advantage
  • Strategic branding tool to differentiate from competitors
  • Positive CSR will build confidence and goodwill with stakeholders

NOW Auto-Disposal is ideal for

We've engineered our solutions to cater to a diverse range of needs, making waste management more efficient, sustainable, and hassle-free. Our innovative technologies are perfectly suited for:


Supermarkets &
Shopping Malls







What is NOW Digester?

NOW Digester, is an onsite technology using microorganism to decompose food waste into 100% liquid (Grey water).

How does NOW Digester benefit my business?

The user is able to self dispose of their food waste. This enables the user to save man power, save disposing cost and essentially able to meet the sustainability goals.

What happens to the grey water after digestion in the machine?

The grey water can be easily discharged to the building wasterwater treatment system, by connecting discharge piping from the machine to any nearest available existing floor trap or building pipe.

What is NOW Composter?

NOW Composter, is an onsite technology using microorganism to turn organic waste into compost.

What is NOW RDF?

-NOW RDF, is an onsite technology using microorganism to turn their organic waste + plastic waste into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) without segregation.

What is a RDF?

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), is a green energy source that can be used as a substitute to coal. It is now widely used by cement plant, paper mill, etc, as a means of green energy.

Is it easy to integrate a NOW Digester/NOW Composter/NOW RDF into existing and future business operations?

Yes, installation and implementation is very simple and easy. NOW system is a stand alone machine, plug and play. The user only need to provide power supply + water inlet and discharged drainpipe.

Can the NOW Digester/ NOW Composter/ NOW RDF handle large volumes of waste generated by business?

End of Waste provide tailored made solutions to all our clients. We have onsite system with various capacity range from 100KG/day up to 30 Tons/day of waste, to meet the clients’ needs.
We also design plant size from 30 tons up to over thousand ton of waste per day.

What is the purpose of the NOW Digester / NOW Composter and NOW RDF?

NOW technologies offer different output for different purposes. NOW Digester is suited for management purpose. NOW Composter rely on the reuse ability of the compost. While NOW RDF focus on the economical value of the green energy.

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